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Help us design your uniquely personalized PowerHawk. With your desired dimensions and load capacities we will create an offroad cart that will multiply your earnings and greatly help market your product at the same time.

PowerHawk will be adapted to the following parameters if desired:

- Type of application (optimized for beach, forest, off road use etc.)

- Dimensions (length, width, heigth of frame)

- Load capacity (depending on the type of load and quantity)

- Color and design (to fit your products’ visual design)

- Handling (acceleration rate, auto shutdown timer, special accessories, etc.)

- Energy options (such as solar roof to further boost PowerHawk’s range and eco-friendliness)

My Powerhawk

...used for identifiying the length of the cart by the operator

“PowerHawk - the all electric beach waiter”

Brügmann & Freyermuth OHG

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24159 Kiel, Germany

For more information on PowerHawk please contact:

Phone: (+49) 431 / 395 887

Fax: (+49) 431 / 395 761

eMail: info@powerhawk.eu  

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