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Just imagine the customer’s side of the story:

You are lying on a hot beach, enjoying your summer vacation with your  friends. Suddenly you feel the strong need for a cool beverage but no matter where you look, there is no food stand around, no booth with iced drinks and no restaurant to help you out.

What now?

Someone would have to go find some drinks for the group but who really wants to search the whole coast line for a beverage outlet when it is that hot outside and even walking is tiring?

Suddenly, a young woman smiles at you from behind a three wheeled beach cart that you could swear was not here a minute ago. „Would you care for some drinks guys?“ she asks while opening the huge beverage freezer lid.

You look over to your friends who seem to be stunned whether to stare at the strangely unexhausted girl or the enormous machine that she had managed to silently position behind you without anyone noticing.

You decide to order a drink before she leaves so you check out the price board on the beach cart, pay her for the drink and get your chilling beverage that might have very well saved your day. Smiling over your quenched thirst you look after her and the beach cart that moves the heavy freezer easily over the soft beach like nothing you have ever seen.

You wonder why you always had to walk to get your drink. You wish it could always be like this. You decide to come back tomorrow to enjoy another beautiful day on the beach without unpleasant interruptions. PowerHawk will be your waiter, so you can enjoy.

The customer’s perspective

Beach catering for your product in virtually untapped markets. Cater the beach, get new fans and become the most successful seller in your area - with PowerHawk

Convenience is the key when it comes to customer satisfaction in holiday hotspots.

The most successful tourism areas around the world know this: as long as the service quality and comfort are satisfying customers will come and most importantly return.

This is exactly where PowerHawk comes in to help you prevail.

Imagine you could offer your products and services in an unintrusive way

while enhancing your customers’ comfort to unimaginable heights at the same time.

Learn your advantages of choosing PowerHawk in the sections below.

The convenience concept

• A stationary vendor will only attract nearby people thus only cover a small portion of all potential customers on the beach

• Only ice-cream addicts will walk 3 miles to get a cone, however most other people will not even on the hottest days

• Foreign tourists do not know where an ice-cream shop is located which leaves respective sales to chance

• Beaches are holiday areas. Holiday means comfort and an „all inclusive“ mindset. Vacationers expect to be served not to serve themselves.

• Communities demand rental fees for stationary kiosks and vendor booths. PowerHawk is mobile and therefore rental free.

• PowerHawk gives you the opportunity to take part in annual events. Beach parties, concerts, sport tournaments - you will always be right on the spot where your products are wanted and needed.

Stationary kiosk VS. Mobile PowerHawk
A case story
“I hate lines“

Tom and his three best friends are enjoying their summer vacation trip to Florida. Having been in the hot sun for hours on end they decide to get a cold drink.

Their positive vacation attitude starts to fall apart after looking for an outlet for half an hour. When they finally get there, the line they encounter is simply ridiculous. Being the only kiosk nearby almost 100 tourists and  vacationers are queing in front of them.

„God, I hate lines“ Tom says when they finally decide to spend their money elsewhere...

PowerHawk & Communes - a reliable transport solution

Countless communes and cities around the globe face difficult challenges:

Garbage is polluting nature areas, rest stops and beaches while all conventional means to clean it up also do their damage to the area and its visitors.

A problem many communities face is that restoration work has to be done in nature areas but bringing in the necessary equipment takes its toll on the ground as well.

“PowerHawk - the all electric beach waiter”

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