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PowerHawk’s components have been specifically designed to withstand a beach’s rough climate over extensive periods of time while putting out a maximum amount of strength and endurance!

Find out more about PowerHawk’s mighty design features in this comprehensive overview:

PowerHawks strength begins with its extremely sturdy frame. Only anodized quality-aluminum is chosen for PowerHawk, resulting in maximum corrosion protection for decades and decades to come, even when under constant saltwater and weather exposure.

Aluminum is a very lightweight metal, yet very solid and stable and therefore much more

suitable for PowerHawk’s demanding attributes. Our thick walled aluminum tubes range from 2.5 mm to 4 mm wall thickness depending on their position and level. This allows for maximum load capacity while maintaining an incredibly low overall weight - so you can carry more of your goods around than metal.

Our patented tube connector system allows for easy connection of aluminum tubes without the need for welding. This is extremely important as welded areas can only withstand about 30% of the pressure that solid areas can.

Consequently PowerHawk’s frame is as solid as technically possible to resist the harshest impacts and prolonged durations of excess baggage.

The reason PowerHawk can defy ’impossible’ areas lies at its feet:

Three mighty EuroTrax ballonwheels are designed to take PowerHawk anywhere - the biggest balloon wheels on the planet.

With dimensions of 560 x 250 mm (22 x 9,8 in) and low air pressure the wheels imply ’swallow’ obstacles that lie in the way such as rocks or trenches. Children’s feet remain unharmed even when they have just been ran over.

PowerHawk is equipped with sealed ball bearings for smooth operation. So you can spend more time selling your goods rather than waiting for maintenance.

Also, check out PowerHawk’s giant spikes. There is simply nothing better to maximize grip in difficult areas.

Low pressure in the tires results in a wide footprint on the ground. This will not only protect the ground you are operating on but will also maximize effectiveness in difficult areas.

PowerHawk features two strong VARTA batteries as well as powerful engines that will keep the trolley running for hours on end. Even when exceeding its weight limit PowerHawk is going unbelievably strong, conquering slopes and hills of sand and dirt with your goods packed on its back ready to be distributed.

These Varta batteries represent the state of the art in battery technology and are updated constantly to ensure that the most powerful batteries available are on board. They will make the difference on long and busy days.

PowerHawk is smart in many ways, protecting both operator and customer from harm at the same time.

Firstly, a dead man’s switch prevents PowerHawk from taking off by itself when left alone. Once the operator lets go off the gas handle, the trolley will come to a sudden stop. Even when tilted up a slope the brakes keep PowerHawk safely in its place, so you can rest assured that everyone around is safe...

The auto-shutdown function allows you to customize    an   automatic   shutdown    timer,

preventing playful children from  accidentally  triggering the  gas   pedal while you are selling goods or conversing with new customers. Additionally, PowerHawk can be locked as a whole using the engine keys, without these keys the trolley won’t start.

The fully customizable system parameters let you change speed, acceleration and braking rates so you can set PowerHawk to the operator’s preferences. Some tend to go faster while others need a smoother acceleration - no problem with PowerHawk.


Ultra solid frame
Direct control & rust proof mechanics

Operating PowerHawk is easy!

A classic handlebar fits right into your hand and allows you to safely navigate PowerHawk. You know this from your bike or motorcycle.

You then simply press down on the red handle mounted on the left side of the handlebar.

This will reverse the engines for as long as the red handle is being pushed down. So give the gas grip a spin and go backwards. Or let go of the red handle and the engines will return to their standard mode.

The stainless steel cords for steering are designed to withstand high weight pressures as well as fine grained sand from the ground.  This  will  keep your

PowerHawk as agile as the day you first took it out to find new customers.

Two strong stainless steel cords are forwarding your every move to the front wheel and let you steer PowerHawk in a direction of your choice. These cords are not Bowden cables but freely suspended stainless steel cables granting rust and corrosion no cracks or other areas that could be occupied.

Due to the missing insulation of the cables they dry very fast compared to a covered cable. Cranny corrosion is therefore effectively avoided to keep your PowerHawk functional for very long times.

Balloon wheels conquer any ground
Mighty powersource
Safety first

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