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Despite its enormous strength, PowerHawk is the most eco-friendly offroad cart ever built...

Let us show you why investing in PowerHawk means investing in the future.

Save the planet - make a difference
A case story

The Leroy family is enjoying their long overdue vacation in a rather small tourist town in Italy to get away from it all.

Unfortunately,  upon arrival they find out that the Highway going right by their hotel is in fact ’unshielded’ letting traffic emmissions pass straight to their hotel.

Constant odors of gas and diesel are hanging in the air and nearby traffic noise from the Highway is ever present on the beach as well, causing the vacation to be shortened as the Leroys pack up and  head back home disappointed.

PowerHawk on the other hand has silent engines, zero emmissions and smooth movements - ideal for high tourism areas.

Do not disturb

PowerHawk’s soft balloon wheels will never harm the environment either. Due to their huge dimensions and low tire pressure, the three wheels are able to spread heavy weights very evenly across wide areas.

In fact, PowerHawk will put less pressure on the ground than your bare foot will. This helps to preserve the natural state of the area.

Sea defense and coastal protection greatly appreciate this, as PowerHawk creates a whole new array of possible uses. Transporting goods and heavy loads through sand dunes or fragile environments without permanent trails or damage to the ground.

Battery power of the 21st century

Lets face it: It’s 2010, the golden age of fossil fuels is nearly over.

Oil prices are ever increasing while our atmosphere continues to weaken under constant attacks by fuel emissions caused by countless combustion engines from around the globe.

Man is slowly turning towards renewable energies leaving behind 20st century’s combustion engines. The global policies reflect these changes as well, so do countless advocates for green energy. It’s time to make the change happen.

Electric power of your choice

PowerHawk runs solely on electric energy and gives you the chance to choose the electric power you want.

Your local electrical company can help you create an eco-friendly electricity plan to rely more on renewable energies.

Gas fuels are a big turnoff for potential customers especially in “relax environments“. Loud engines and smoking exhaust pipes do not enhance one’s vacational experience a whole lot.

Silent giant

Don’t be intimidated by its industrial appearance - PowerHawk will not ever make a sound. Period!

What does this mean for your success?

For one, those who just want to enjoy their day at the beach who are happy without any of your products will not be bothered by PowerHawk’s presence in any way.

There is nothing worse for business than driving away potential customers in a holiday area with loud engines and gas fumes.

In fact, when sunbathing on your towel you will not notice PowerHawk driving by, unless its operator makes too much noise himself.

What does it mean for those who want to buy your product? Chances are not a single person in the area will mind PowerHawk’s being there. Given the fact that beaches are well visited places on sunny days there is hardly anything better to improve your sales.

Thanks to its state of the art electrical engine and batteries you can even sneak up on your customers, but please don’t scare anybody!

No exhaust - no problem

Burning fossil fuels on a beach would be a very bad idea for product publicity. Most people there are relaxing on ground level, lying on their towel and enjoying the sun - you don’t want to blow a cloud of exhaust in their face while passing by.

This is why PowerHawk does not produce any emissions whatsoever. No CO2, no gas fumes.

So those who are sensible to smell will approve of PowerHawk instantly - when they can’t smell anything.

PowerHawk’s huge balloon wheels do not only conquer any given terrain with ease. They also make PowerHawk one of the safest vehicles of our time.

Thanks to its low air pressure the original EuroTrax balloon wheel will simply ‘swallow’ any object that lies in its way. This includes not only rocks, ditches and plants but also people’s hand and feet for example. Accidentally running over a child’s foot will not hurt the child, not even on solid grounds and when PowerHawk is loaded with a fully packed cooler.

So you can be sure that both you and your customers are safe at all times.

But not only people appreciate PowerHawk’s soft tire qualities.

Is it safe? What about the kids?
How much pressure is put on the ground?

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