Check out our live videos and see for yourself:

PowerHawk defies steep slopes, the softest beaches and the heaviest load. Filmed on our PowerHawk test grounds at the baltic sea.

Videos - PowerHawk live in action

PowerHawk is completely silent and emmission-free. This will not only spare the people on the beach from annoyances it will also dramatically help increase your sales figures - a silent waiter

You may know this from a motorbike - the more you twist the handle, the quicker PowerHawk will accelerate. The red handle control PowerHawk’s direction - push it down to put PowerHawk in reverse

Watch the ground closely as PowerHawk makes its way through soft sand. Fully loaded with ice cream, yet no problem for the extremely powerful engines

Holes and ditches are common in beaches around the globe.

PowerHawk shows how easy overcoming them can be - even with fully loaded capacity

PowerHawk is handled much easier than you think: It can be moved with only one hand while changing the direction you are going to. This way you can reach all potential customers the beach has to offer

Awefully soft sand, a fully packed freezer with about XXX KG and an additional person loaded on top -

PowerHawk has a lot to pull here and does so without protest

Powerful One hand steering Overcapacity Silent fleet Speed handle Bumper Cam

“PowerHawk - the all electric beach waiter”

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