The first beach catering vehicle is here: PowerHawk is for catering in never before conquered areas.

Attract masses of new customers at beaches, forests or even snow parks.

See how it works in our video section.

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PowerHawk can be used to transport anything that needs to find a customer: Beverages, ice-cream, food, souvenirs, supplies. Therefore PowerHawk can be completely redesigned to your personal transport needs.

Go rule the beach before someone else does.

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What are your advantages of using PowerHawk?

You can attract widespread groups and individuals on the whole beach strip in one single tour. PowerHawk offers enormous range capabilities and load capacity - a real powerseller.

Your customers won’t have to walk anywhere to get their favorite ice-cream or drink. And they will gladly pay more for a product that has saved them a trip to the stationary kiosk.

Foreigners and tourists do not need to know where to get anything. All they have to do is relax until PowerHawk is closeby.

You can deliberately move PowerHawk to gatherings of people when the time is right. Examples include public announcements, concerts or even summer festivals.

Your customers will greatly appreciate PowerHawk due to the strongly increased comfort factor they will experience.

PowerHawk does not require you to pay rent like a stationary outlet would. Please check back with your local community guidelines.

The story behind powerhawk

Use the numbers on the left side to start your journey. Learn the groundbreaking concept behind PowerHawk and what it can do to make you the most successful seller in your area!

Endless possibilities

“PowerHawk - the all electric beach waiter”

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